Why Use Moman Productions' Subscription Service?

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Three Different Options. Same Results!

3 Month Format - $1480 per month - NOW $1000 per month

30 minutes of shooting time with two, 30 Second Videos per month

6 Month Format - $1100 per month - NOW $950 per month

1 hour of shooting time with four, 30 Second Videos a month

1 Year Format - $800 per month NOW - $750 per month

2 hours of shooting time with six, 30 second videos per month and - ONE FREE 90 second promo video at the end of your term worth $2500.00!      

The Subscription Service Explained

The Moman gives you The Scoop!  

Service Parameters For All Subscriptions*

The client is responsible for supplying the scripts for the Autocue.
Shoot Day is once a month and at one location only.
B-Roll Shots and studios will be not used.
The client is responsible for distribution of their videos.
*any adjustments nullfies inital costs.

Moman Productions Vlog! 

With the COVID19 Delta pandemic going crazy ZOOMing is now a fact of life. Up your ZOOM game by learning my ZOOMing techniques in his new Vlog!